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When a cop dies in a suspicious blaze, Brad must defend both his client and himself against corrupt “lawmen” out for revenge.



Cadence Elliott Legal Thrillers


Action. Suspense. Intrigue. Twists… Every time!

JJ Miller has again topped Amazon’s Pulp Thriller charts with his latest bestselling legal thriller The Lawyer’s Heart. With a passion for storytelling, JJ writes the kind of books he loves to read – fast-paced, action-packed, and full of suspense. Throw in characters that find their way into your heart, sharp dialogue, and brilliant courtroom drama, and you’ll understand why readers love JJ’s legal thrillers.


J.J. Miller has really set the bar high with the Cadence Elliott series. The story has a way of drawing the reader in and set the scenes I can see in my head. The characters that are cemented in their roles and some already feel like friends. I cannot wait to see what’s next. Pure reading bliss!

Abbie T, The Lawyer's Heart

I almost never write a review. But this story held me captive from beginning to end and I read it in a day. It’s a relevant topic of discussion and the plot twist at the end was perfect.

Hannah Cahill, Force of Justice

I don’t know when I have given a whole series 5 stars. This series deserves it. I only have one problem. I just read the last book. JJ Miller needs to get busy!

Robyn Middleton, Blood and Justice

Highly addictive series with real life action and easy to follow plot and desire to non-stop finish series. Yes, I am addicted to the series and anxious to read book 6. I have no clue how J.J. Miller will be able to best book 5. J.J. Miller has the ability to keep your attention throughout the series. Most authors will start to struggle by book 4 NOT this author.

Sderebery, Game of Justice

As a retired attorney I spend a lot of time reading. This was a great story and very close to actual practice of law. Kudos to the author!

Gina Smith, I Swear To Tell

J.J.Miller is a remarkable author blending complex subplots into this novel that reads like nonfiction. The legalese is interwoven into easy to understand sentences. What impressed me most even after seven decades reading fiction and fifteen years in a legal profession: surprisingly I did not want the story to end. Thank goodness there is a Book 2.

Ann Nominus, I Swear To Tell



When a Tinder date turns deadly, Brad must fight to free his client… and keep his own family safe. Sign up to JJ’s newsletter and claim your free copy.


The ideas that launched my books

Years ago, before I started writing fiction, I used to marvel at the imagination of novelists. How on earth do they come up with every little thing contained between those two covers? I mean the characters, the events, the plot, the suspense… Hundreds, if not thousands, of crafted details.

What’s your story?

I spend more time watching YouTube than television. I do this to learn, to be amused, and sometimes simply to play hooky from writing. For me, YouTube is an antidote to what we call “news.” It’s actually one of my go-to places for good news. A place where the world feels human and positively connected. Here, I can ponder what happened before the Big Bang till my brain hurts.

First step into new territory

Today I published the first book of a new legal thriller series. It’s called “I Swear To Tell” and it centers on a young woman who’s out to make her mark as a defense attorney in Washington, D.C. Her name is Cadence Elliott. She is smart and ambitious but she has some serious personal issues to deal with.

Game of Justice is go!

It’s a nice feeling hitting the publish button on a new book. It’s also scary. Because from that point onward you have no control over your new baby. You’re kind of feeding it to the lions. But I’m so stoked with Game of Justice, I’m just going to enjoy the moment. Just a few months ago this was a little embryo of an idea.

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