Okay, so that was a little over the top.

Forgive me, please. I’m a little excited, precisely because of the two things mentioned above.

Two days out from Christmas and my kids can barely contain themselves. They’ve just had a day spent making and decorating gingerbread men (and other shapes) and then spent ages playing some kind of Santa game.

And while they were distracted I was getting very close to finishing Game of Justice, the third novel of the Brad Madison series.

Although I’m still working on the word side of things, I can tell you the cover is done and dusted.

Here it is:

So, what do you think?

I love it and it feels exciting to know that it will be publishing mid-January, all things going well.

It’s funny. When I started this book, it began with a simple premise: a young man is accused of killing his girlfriend by throwing her off a cliff. And now I’m looking at an 80,000-word manuscript.

And within those words are all sorts of characters that now have life, as well as all sorts of twists and turns that keep Brad Madison, and his investigator Jack Briggs, on his toes.

I really like how it’s turned out. But in the end, it’s what you think that really matters. To that end, I hope you feel it as good, if not better, than Force of Justice and Divine Justice.

I’ll give you fair warning in this blog when Game of Justice is about to come out.

But until then I wish you a wonderful, beautiful, merry Christmas in which you enjoy love, fun and good company in abundance.

Oh, almost forgot: Happy New Year!

All the best


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