It’s a nice feeling hitting the publish button on a new book. It’s also scary.

Because from that point onward you have no control over your new baby. You’re kind of feeding it to the lions.

But I’m so stoked with Game of Justice, I’m just going to enjoy the moment. Just a few months ago this was a little embryo of an idea. That being: Brad Madison defends an unlikable young man accused of throwing his ex-girlfriend off a cliff.

The snooty rich kid’s name is Walter Powell.

From there, I began building a world around that idea. Pretty soon I ended up with an eccentric and ruthless property guru named Rubin Ashby who is Walter Powell’s mentor.

Feeding my new baby to the lions? Cheers.

Ashby is used to getting anything he wants, from another nip and tuck to “improve” his looks, to council approval for his next mega-project.

He insists that Brad defends Powell, but …

Hell, I have to stop myself otherwise I’ll end up laying out the whole story.

It’s morning time now but I’m popping a champagne cork inside to celebrate the entry of another book into the world.

Tonight, though, I’ll be pouring myself a little whisky.

I hope you grab a copy, but more than that I hope you love the ride.

All the best


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