Blood and Justice

To free his client from a murder charge, he must confront the outlaws turning LA into in a modern-day Wild West.

When security guard Chip Bowman is blamed for a brazen robbery that leaves two co-workers dead, he turns to defense attorney Brad Madison.

From the start, Brad knows this case won’t only be fought in the courtroom. Millions of dollars in cash and cannabis have been stolen, and the crime has “inside job” written all over it.

All the evidence points to Bowman. But if he is innocent, as he claims, then who are the real perpetrators?

Brad finds no shortage of suspects among a host of outlaw motorcycle gang members, rogue mercenaries and illegal drug traffickers.They’re all making money in California’s legal cannabis “green rush” and God help anyone who stands in their way.

Determined to clear his client’s name, Brad runs the gauntlet of their treacherous world. Can he find the truth?

And will he live to tell it in court?

Start reading this thrill-ride full of action, drama, intrigue and mystery today.

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