Force of Justice

One of LA’s most powerful men is charged with murder, and Brad Madison is called to defend him. But murder is only the start of their problems…

Divine Justice

For Brad Madison, social media is a remote, irrelevant universe. But that’s about to change. It’s set to crash through his life like a runaway freight train.

Game and Justice

A sinister murder, a client from hell and no choice but to take the case. For Brad Madison, it’s either win… or lose everything.

Blood and Justice

To free his client from a murder charge, Brad must confront the outlaws turning LA into in a modern-day Wild West.

Veil of Justice

When Brad Madison is torn between vengeance and justice, everything he holds dear is put on the line.

When an apparent crime of passion takes center stage, Brad’s pursuit of justice uncovers a maze of twisted desires.


I Swear to Tell

Cadence’s first murder case throws her into a world of lies and violence. To save her client, she must expose the truth, even if it kills her.

The Lawyer's Truth

Cadence Elliott is defending one man, but thousands of lives could be riding on the case’s outcome. No pressure.

The Lawyer's Heart

Where power and greed collide, one attorney fights for justice in the shadows of the nation’s capital.