Game and Justice

A sinister murder, a client from hell and no choice but to take the case. For this attorney, it’s either win… or lose everything.

Defense attorney Brad Madison likes to call the shots. And normally he gets to choose his clients. Not this time.

When Walter Powell is accused of killing his ex-girlfriend, property mogul Rubin Ashby asks Brad to defend him. But it’s not a request; it’s an order.

Brad loathes Ashby; his mother lost a fortune in one of Ashby’s failed property schemes.

But he’s forced to make a deal: clear Powell’s name and his mother’s loss will be repaid.

In the third standalone book of the series, the deeper Brad delves into the case, the more enemies he makes. Corrupt police officers, a spiteful prosecutor, vicious henchmen, and hostile corporate lawyers all turn on him.

Brad soon realizes there’s far more at stake here than his mother’s money or Powell’s freedom.

This is not just a battle for justice Brad has gotten himself into … it’s a fight for his life.

To win, he must risk everything.

If you love fast-paced legal thrillers with lots of twists, intriguing characters, and a breath-taking finale, then you will love JJ Miller’s dark and supercharged thrill ride.

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