I Swear to Tell

A young attorney’s first murder case throws her into a world of lies and extreme violence. To save her client, she vows to expose the truth, even if it kills her.

How can a girl who was raised in a trailer park be working at a top D.C. law firm?

Cadence Elliott beat graduates from the country’s best law schools to the job. No Ivy League pedigree. No powerful Washington connections. She got there on merit.

Cadence found her exceptional drive as a teen, when she learned she could never trust her mother again. When she realized the adults who claimed to be looking out for her were liars.

She wanted to make damn sure she’d never have to rely on anyone else, ever again.

And becoming a lawyer meant she could be someone who stood up for the powerless.

In this first installment of a gripping new series, Cadence has been tasked with her first murder case: defending a 19-year-old girl charged with homicide.

The initial facts tell Cadence to argue self-defense, until it becomes clear that many people wanted the victim dead.

Diving deep into the case, Cadence enters the violent, hate-fueled world of extremist politics only to make her own deadly enemies.

Will her dogged pursuit of justice pay off, or will it prove fatal?

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