When an apparent crime of passion takes center stage, Brad’s pursuit of justice uncovers a maze of twisted desires.

At first glance, the death of OnlyFans model Heather Gordon looks like suicide, but a vital clue points to murder and leads police straight to Heather’s jilted ex, Dwayne Fogle.

With a history of controlling behavior and jealous outbursts, even Dwayne’s mother doubts his innocence. Still, she engages defense lawyer extraordinaire Brad Madison to do the best for her son.

As Brad investigates the case, the picture only gets darker, more depraved, and deadly. He is convinced the truth behind Heather’s murder is more sinister and perverse than anyone dares believe. The disturbing world of paywall erotica is where women play with fire for financial gain.

Savage Justice is a riveting legal thriller that explores the fine line between innocence and guilt. With every page, readers are drawn along by a pulse-pounding narrative that sees morality and ambition collide head-on.

In defiance of death threats, Brad Madison battles to save his client. And as the boundaries of law and ethics blur, the pursuit of justice becomes a savage journey through uncharted territory.

Can he overcome the mounting forces that stand in his way? Will he survive to see justice prevail?

Force of Justice
Divine Justice
Game and Justice
Blood and Justice
Veil of Justice