The Lawyer's Heart

Where power and greed collide, one attorney fights for justice in the shadows of the nation’s capital.

In The Lawyer’s Heart, the highly anticipated third book in the Cadence Elliott legal thriller series, DC’s sharpest defense attorney is back and ready for her toughest case yet.

Tasked with defending a public relations executive charged with the murder of a young investigative journalist, Cadence finds herself thrown into a world of deception and danger.

With the stakes higher than ever, she must use all of her skills and experience to clear her client’s name.

But as she delves deeper into the case, Cadence discovers a web of corruption and greed that threatens to swallow her whole.

With her client’s life on the line, Cadence must navigate the dangerous world of politics, big pharma, and corrupt officials to uncover the truth.

When she finds her own life in danger, Cadence realizes that the real killer may be closer than she ever imagined.

Will she be able to secure the evidence she needs to set her client free, or will she become a victim of the killer’s twisted game?

With its fast-paced plot, complex characters, and nail-biting tension, The Lawyer’s Heart is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end.

I Swear to Tell
The Lawyer's Truth