Veil of Justice

When a defense attorney is torn between vengeance and justice, everything he holds dear is put on the line.

After a sexual assault case lands on his desk, Brad Madison tackles it with typical zeal.

His client Eddie Mawson is a nerdy, self-made rich kid. He has a high IQ when it comes to making video games, but when it comes to women his IQ pretty much matches his age.

Brad didn’t expect this case to get to him, but it does. He didn’t think Mawson’s guilt or innocence should matter to him, but it does.

As a father to a young daughter, how can he in good conscience defend a predator?

As Brad digs deeper to find the truth, a Pandora’s box is opened, putting the lives of people he loves in danger and his own life at risk.

Meanwhile, Brad’s nursing a visceral rage over what he believes was a deliberate attack on his ex-wife Claire, a woman he cared for more than he was willing to admit.

On two fronts, Brad finds himself not just fighting to get to the truth but to get past his own demons.

Tapping into his reserves of character and instinct, he reaches breaking point.

Can he survive to win justice for his client… and to put those demons to rest?

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